EMDRIA Approved† EMDR Consultant and former Trainer†


Natalie S. Robinson, LICSW
Boston, Massachusetts

†phone: 781 771-4487

Email: natrobin

Consultation For Mental Health Professionals



EMDR is a method of therapy that is relatively easy to learn and difficult to master.†† Many EMDR Trained therapists flounder without consultation.† Itís one thing to follow a protocol and quite another to work with the complex clients that most of us see.† Iíve been an EMDRIA Approved Consultant since 1999 and an EMDRIA Approved Trainer since 2005.†††† Let me help you become more comfortable about weaving EMDR into your total treatment approach.††


Individual consultation can focus on career or business issues as well as on clinical ones.



 Improve and deepen your own clinical skills as an EMDR psychotherapist.

 Increase your confidence in being able to help the people you see resolve trauma and improve the quality of their life.


Natalie S. Robinson, LICSW

†Phone: 781 771-4487

Email: natrobin@natrobin.com

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