Text Box: Workshop Abstract
Legacy Informed EMDR:
Access Positive and Desensitize Negative 
Transgenerational and Cultural Sources
Natalie S. Robinson, LICSW
     Internalized ancestral, familial and cultural influences are often fragmented. They may lay the foundation of conflicted beliefs and symptomatology and can interfere with thorough EMDR processing.   Legacy Informed EMDR: accesses ancestral resources to move toward a core positive self-belief; desensitizes maladaptively encoded trauma and beliefs generated by negative cultural, societal or ancestral patterns and institutions; and promotes the formation of a legacy based coherent life narrative that reconsolidates fragmented threads from the distant past, the remembered past, current being and future hopes.  The coherent life narrative is an essential component of healthy well-being according to a wide range of noted neurobiological, attachment, and family systems researchers (Siegel, 1999, 2010; Main, 1990; Boszormenyi-Nagy, 1984; White, M. & Epston, D, 1990).

             Legacy Informed EMDR          

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