EMDRIA Approved  EMDR Consultant and former Trainer 

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EMDR International Association                    The professional association that promotes standards for EMDR education, practice, and research. Includes an online searchable database of certified EMDR therapists.


Informative material on trauma



Sells an assortment of useful EMDR equipment for professionals including the Eye Scan and   Tac-Audio.


Humanitarian Assistance Program for EMDR committed to relieving human suffering and breaking the cycle of violence. Provides information on what is happening world-wide with EMDR  Offers useful EMDR materials including Natalie’s EMDR Case Flow Chart.


Natalie S. Robinson, LICSW
Boston, Massachusetts

 phone: 781 771-4487

Email: natrobin


The original and best known EMDR site.  Good source for up-to-date EMDR description, information and research.


Article  with a readable description of EMDR and case sample

Treating Child Abuse Trauma with EMDR

Resources For EMDR Professionals

www.YouTube.com      Video

“Legacy Floatback:

Tap into Ancestral  Strengths”